Wild yeast sourdough recipes

100 percent whole wheat wild yeast sourdough recipes

With maybe a few other grains mixed in from time to time

Whether it’s a recipe that makes perfect bread every time, or a new way to use up the excess sourdough starter, when I find them–or invent them–I post them here.

I’m always looking for recipes to use the excess sourdough starter, and since the kitchen is my playground, I play a lot, tweaking a sourdough twist on traditional recipes I’ve used for years and inventing new ones.

Crusty on the outside, moist and tender on the inside

Crusty on the outside, moist and tender on the inside

Most fun, of course, is trying out different whole wheat sourdough methods and recipes in hopes of finding that precise combination that produces a crunchy-crusted, tender, moist-crumb, one hundred percent whole wheat sourdough loaf every single time.

I’m looking for all that in a loaf made with nothing but wild yeast sourdough starter, whole grain flour, water and salt.

Okay, I might be just as happy with a honey-wheat loaf, or a loaf pocked with seeds and nuts. Heck, even a fruity bread would turn this little baker’s heart.

Whenever I find a recipe that works, my own or another’s, I post it, sometimes more than once along the way, as I tweak the recipes.

You can find them all here: Recipes | The Sourdough Journals.