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If you followed my adventures in whole wheat sourdough bread and pastry making on The Sourdough Journals, you can now find all those articles here on YayYay’s Kitchen, under this tab. If you landed here because you’re interested in making wild yeast starter and whole wheat breads, you might want to know how I got here and where I’m going with The Sourdough Journals. Here’s the short backstory.

A few years ago, June 2014, to be precise, over summer vacation, my granddaughter and I cultivated our first wild yeast sourdough starter and began learning how to make one hundred percent whole wheat sourdough breads and pastries. All too soon, she went back to school, and I kept on with our experiments, tracking them at thesourdoughjournalsdotcom. YayYay’s Kitchen was a fantasy, then, still cooking in my brain, not yet set to paper–or web site. But The Sourdough Journals were already, and still are, as real as the messy, fragrant, gooey-in-my-hand wild-yeast starter we grew from almost nothing and learned how to turn into fragrant, yeasty bread and pastries.

Of course, being beginners, we–er, I–failed. A lot. But I got better. I tried some fun experiments, too, that turned out well, like this whole wheat onion seed bread. Along the way, I learned a bunch, and continue to experiment and search for just that right combination that will produce a perfect loaf consistently, time after time after time.

If you’re interested in making your own wild yeast starter and whole wheat breads, I invite you to browse this site. Follow my granddaughter and I as we incubate our first wild yeast starter, starting with Day 1 here. Then follow me on my hunt for the perfect whole wheat sourdough loaf, beginning with our first ugly one, as I search for the right techniques and recipes to turn out a delicious, not-too-dense one hundred percent whole wheat boule, Levain or sandwich loaf.

Now, getting back to that move from a standalone site to here on YayYay’s Kitchen.

The move to YayYay’s Kitchen

By May 2015, YayYay’s Kitchen grew from budding dream to blossoming reality. That first year, I juggled both sites, until June 2016, when I moved the entire Sourdough Journals (SDJ) website over here to YayYay’s Kitchen. You’ll find all the articles right here, under a brand new tab appropriately titled, ahem, The Sourdough Journals. 🙂 You can see it up there on top.

The transition, however, did not go as smoothly as I hoped.

Due to a miscommunication, I inadvertently dropped the URL for The Sourdough Journals. Oops! Nor could I get it back. Some enterprising soul snapped it up the minute I mistakenly relinquished it and now wants a hefty chunk of change for it. Your bookmarked links and pins, if you had any (I thank you if you did!), will only drop you in 404 land, I fear. I apologize for that.

Work to do–Lost images, pics on wrong posts and more

Another issue I’ve discovered is that the old site didn’t translate perfectly to the new site. I’ve a lot of work to do cleaning up various messes, like finding and adding some of the  images back in. Crazy wonky images now fill slots that make no sense. The good news: Near as I can tell so far, the posts, pages and even your comments are all here.

I’m looking forward to fixing those, as well as updating the journal as I try out new methods, develop recipes and figure out how to get lighter, airier whole wheat sourdough loaves. There’s got to be a way! My learning curve is steep, but it is a lot of fun.

Your feedback welcome

If you have any problems finding something you relied on at The Sourdough Journals web site, please tell me in the comments below, and I’ll hunt it down for you. I want to make it easy to find everything here. Or you can use the search button or the sub-menus under “The Sourdough Journals” tab above. I’m going through the pages gradually, as time allows, to clean up the messes left behind, but hey, if you find one of those and can spare the time, let me know about ’em. Just mention them in the comments and include the link to the problem page. Of course, I welcome your thoughts about these changes and whole wheat baking in general, so keep ‘em coming and happy baking!

♥  ♥  ♥

Last update: 10/06/2018

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