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Screen shot of The Sourdough Journals

The Sourdough Journals now on YayYay’s Kitchen!

Some of you may recall that a few years back I cultivated my first wild yeast sourdough starter and tracked my experiments on thesourdoughjournals dot com. YayYay’s Kitchen was a flighty dream then, but The Sourdough Journals were, and still are, as real as the messy, fragrant, gooey-in-my-hand wild-yeast starter I grew from almost nothing and made into bread and pastries.

Whole wheat onion seed bread made with wild yeast sourdough starter

Bursting with flavor, this piquant loaf is going fast. We want to eat it in chunks, breaking them off and dipping them into a creamy yogurt-cheese sauce, which we always have on hand. It’s good so many ways. Better than an onion bagel for breakfast, and so much more nutritious–full of goodies our bodies crave.