Seeds to table

Seeds to table, food is at every important intersection of our lives, from the personal to the political.

Here you’ll see articles covering every aspect of our food, from what’s in the seeds we plant, to ways to reduce the risk of food poisoning before setting that crisp salad or slow-cooked roast on the table, and a range of topics between the two.

Here you’ll also find articles that encourage us to take action to protect our food and water supply. Some share new, more conscious ways I’m learning to shop and prepare our food–methods that make our footprint a little lighter on the Earth and our choices more fair to the workers who get down and dirty so we have plenty of fresh, clean, healthy produce, grains and, for those of us who eat them, meats and dairy products.

I invite you to join in these discussions, share your opinions, ask questions, and post links to articles you believe would be helpful. Keep your commentary respectful and warm-hearted, however passionate you may feel about a subject. Spam, of course, is not tolerated.

I'd love to hear from you!

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