These are some of the sites and pages I find helpful in my quest to develop a starter and bake fabulous sourdough breads and pastries. I will update as I run across more useful pages.

Sourdough starter recipes, how-tos and tips

Recipes that use the sourdough starter “discards”

Each day, when feeding the sourdough starter, we discard half or more of the starter. I don’t like throwing out good food, especially when I pay a premium to buy organic. These are recipes I’ve found that use that discarded starter. I will add notes as I try them.

Whole wheat and whole grain sourdough bread recipes

I’m looking for 100 percent whole grain breads that rise well, have a bit of glossiness surrounding irregular yeasty holes, a tender crumb, not too chewy, and a crisp crust. These are recipes I’d like to try once my starter is ready to bake.

Whole wheat sourdough bread making tips

As I try different methods for making, kneading, shaping and baking whole wheat loaves, I add the ones that work fairly to very well here.

Sourdough science

I would love to know more about the chemistry and biological interactions that make sourdough turn out one way or another. As I find, read and attempt to understand them, I will post scientific articles here.

First up, The sourdough microflora: Biodiversity and metabolic interactions by LucDeVuyst and Patricia Neysens in Trends in Food Science & Technology 16 (2005) 43–56.




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