Vegetarian recipes


These are all the recipes that have appeared on YayYay’s Kitchen so far, both vegan and vegetarian. If you prefer, I’ve also provided a list of vegan-only recipes.

Breakfast and brunch

Almond maple granola recipe with cranberries and raisins

Asparagus quiche with dill-laced whole wheat crust

Broccoli and red pepper quiche in a flaky, whole wheat crust

Broccoli potato skillet–A one-dish meal

Oatmeal apple-cinnamon sourdough pancakes

Breads and pastries

Pies and pie crusts

Accidental strawberry rhubarb custard pie

Tender, flaky 100 percent whole wheat pie crust recipe

Savory quickbreads

Simple fare: Make this bright, colorful Mexicali skillet bread

Scones and biscuits

Asparagus scones with nettle-wrapped artisan cheese

Festive whole wheat veggie confetti scones–and they’re vegan!

Savory whole wheat sourdough scones sparkle with tastes and colors of the southwest

Vegan pear cranberry scones made with whole wheat

YayYay’s whole wheat sourdough biscuits

Wild yeast sourdough breads

Whole wheat onion seed bread made with wild yeast sourdough starter

Whole wheat sourdough walnut raisin bread recipe

Whole wheat walnut pumpkin-seed herb bread


Chocolate almond torte

Strawberry cheesecake ice cream parfait

Zesty, festive bread pudding

Main Dishes

Beet greens and chickpea sauté, a quick, vegan supper

Crescent corn quesadillas–Quick meal, side or snack

Mango kale salad, a super quick lunch or supper

One pasta pot, three quicker-than-fast-food organic meals

Quick broccoli skillet supper with toasted almonds

Quick lunch: Tomato Spinach Melt over whole wheat sourdough bread

Summer supper: Fresh green beans and tender summer squash

Sides, dressings, spreads and sauces

5-Minute creamy cheese dip and tantalizing ways to jazz it up

Chipotle and Red Bell Pepper Hummus Recipe

Easiest ever homemade tomato sauce two ways

Easy cheesy black bean dip five ways

Great Grannie’s milky vinegar and sugar dressing

Parsley kale pesto–Healthy, low-fat, vegan and oh so good

Zingy lemon thyme hummus recipe

Easy mashed yams in the slow cooker

Soups, chilis and stews

Coconut butternut squash soup with toasted pepitas and kale

Easiest ever homemade tomato sauce two ways

Hearty black bean and cabbage stew

Savory lentils with rice, peppers and tomatoes

Cauliflower and baby bok choy soup

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  1. Saw a recipe that I would love to have. It’s a mason jar zucchini pasta salad with avacado an spinach dressing. Can you help?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sounds delish! I’ve made plenty of pasta salads with avocado and zucchini, among other vegetables, but haven’t heard of that particular dressing. Did you try a search? I did and found one on Pinterest right away. I’ll share it as my #RecipeOfTheDay on YayYay’s Kitchen on Facebook. Looks really good! Edit: Haha! The joke’s on me. Turns out I chose this as a #RecipeOfTheDay way back in October 2015. Looks just as good today, don’t you think?


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