It’s all about the bubbles.

My first attempt at making a sourdough starter, back in the seventies of the last century, failed. What can I say? I had two small children, I was baking regular yeast bread already, and keeping a starter alive seemed way too complicated.

I’m older now. My grandchildren love to bake with me, and I want, really want, to taste fresh-baked whole grain sourdough bread from my own ovens.

The holy grail in this quest is a tender on the inside, crispy on the outside loaf, the kind that has big irregular holes made from popping yeast bubbles. Oh, and did I mention I’m baking with whole grains? No refined white flour in my kitchen, please!

The toughest bit

Baking with whole wheat and other whole grains is the toughest part. This is my fourth or fifth attempt at making homemade artisan sourdough loaves from one hundred percent organic whole wheat flour and wild yeast starter I nurtured myself.

Now that the kids are grown, I’m ready to invest the time to learn how to turn out fabulous, aromatic loaves of bread. What a legacy to leave with my grandchildren–their own little pots and jars of sourdough starter, along with recipes we’ve honed together.

One of my grandchildren is in on this project from the get-go. At just six years old, every time she comes over, she asks, “What are we baking today, YayYay?” That’s her name for me, and has become the name all my grandchildren call me.


Welcome to my sourdough journals. If you found this site, you may be on a similar quest. Perhaps we can learn from each other as we experiment and try different methods and recipes. Please do leave your suggestions, thoughts, and comments on these pages.

I hope you will come back often, let me know what you’re baking. If you try any of the techniques or recipes I use, tell me how they work out for you. Share your own, too. It’s more fun knowing we’re in this together.

I'd love to hear from you!

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