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Making coconut butter and finding hope in a sharing world

It takes only minutes to make a cup of coconut butter in the food processor


One of my favorite YayYay’s Kitchen Facebook page Recipes of the Day is Andrea’s totally scrumptious script for Cranberry Almond Snack Bars on Cooking with a Wallflower. I made them, and they were delightful! Andrea’s recipe calls for a tablespoon of coconut butter, which I do not buy or keep on hand, so at first, I thought I might have to sub in butter.

Thankfully, a guy named Mark shared 10 Tips for Making Coconut Butter on his site Mark’s Daily Apple. Following Mark’s advice that day, in less than thirty minutes I had a beautiful cup of coconut butter, ready to dip into for my almond bars.

Here’s how it works

Start with about four cups of dried coconut flakes. I use organic, pre-shaved coconut as I haven’t had the courage to buy a raw coconut and hack it to pieces yet.

The organic coconut flakes I use to make my coconut butter

The organic coconut flakes I use to make my coconut butter

Just as Mark shows on his site, pile those flakes on top of the chopping blade in your food processor, or put them in a blender, and let it whirl. That’s all there is to it!

In no time at all, my food processor turned those crumbly, dry flakes into a creamy, thin, smooth butter. Overall time, less than ten minutes with my food processor! I poured the butter into a small Le Parfait jar for safe keeping, dipping out one tablespoon for my cranberry bars right away.

Freshly made coconut butter has a thin, somewhat liquid consistency

Freshly made coconut butter has a thin, somewhat liquid consistency

As you can see here, the butter came out rather thin, as expected, but after a few hours sitting on the counter top at room temperature, it solidified into a nice buttery consistency.  Guess what? My sweetheart loves the stuff! Me, not so much as a condiment, but I’m happy to use it in recipes. Incredibly easy to make.

So why did I mention a sharing world in my title up there? Because I’m passing along what I learned from someone else, and that thing–that fact that we can learn from one another and share tons of information with people we’ve never met, never even heard of before–gives me hope for a better world–a world where peace and harmony are the norm. We can do this!




    • I have an ancient Cuisinart food processor, their most basic model back in 1991. Nothing fancy. It has always done a good job. Recently, though, the company recalled the chopping blades. I impatiently await their replacement. I have two, and I use them almost every day–or did.


    • Like coconut oil, it doesn’t have to be refrigerated unless the weather is so warm it melts at room temperature. Since this is my first cup of coconut butter, I’ll have to research how long it keeps and get back to you. Edit: This is just one source, but according to Katie, in item 7 of her coconut butter FAQ on Chocolate Covered Katie, coconut butter “should” keep for a few months, stored in a tightly covered jar in the pantry.


      • Thanks for this update. I was wondering the same thing.

        Since your sweetheart loves it, has he been using it in ways you can share? Have you found other uses for it, yet?

        A sharing world, is indeed, something to celebrate. Thanks for sharing here.

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        • Only as a butter substitute on toast and bread, so far. As for me, I did not learn to like it as a spread, though I have used it in a few recipes, as I did in the one linked earlier on this page.


  1. Kyla Matton Osborne says

    It sounds so easy! I wonder if I can do it with the shredded stuff too? I usually have a ton on hand 🙂

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    • If you have unsweetened, I imagine it would work. Let me know if you try it. Edit: I checked Mark’s 10 tips again (see link in article) and he says you can use either flakes or shredded. Blogger Lindsay of Delighted Momma, however, advises using only shredded. She says flakes don’t work, although I didn’t have any problem with them. Let me know how the shredded coconut works for you.


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