Friday 5, Vegetarian
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The Friday 5: Real food recipes #21

Friday 5 with YayYay's Kitchen Facebook banner

Welcome to this twenty-first Friday 5, a roundup of Recipes of the Day featured on YayYay’s Kitchen Facebook page in the last week.

Spring into summer with both cool- and warm-weather recipes

With gardens beginning to produce now, and farmer’s markets bringing us zucchini, I couldn’t resist the zucchini “meatballs” recipe on Friday. On Saturday, I shared my own basic pasta and veggie recipe, along with three companion recipes that let you change it up for quick meals all week long–four for the price of one!

Then, just in time for (temporarily) cooler weather here in San Francisco, we had a savory turmeric black bean and quinoa hot pot, followed by a super easy, one-jar berry jam recipe for those of us who don’t have the space to store home-canned goods but prefer homemade jam. One jar! How cool is that?

We end the week with a blueberry pie I’m ever so anxious to try. You cook the blueberries in wine, then rest them in the fridge overnight before finishing the filling and folding it into a whole wheat pastry crust so flaky I may have to try it too, instead of using my own!

Hearty pasta, bean and veggie soup, ready in 5-10 minutes

Hearty 10-minute pasta, bean and veggie soup from the one-pasta-pot ROD on Saturday

Recipes of the Day from June 10-16, 2016

Most Fridays you’ll find at least five recipes here, maybe six or seven, depending on how the foodie stars aligned. Most are vegetarian, some vegan. Occasionally the Recipe of the Day includes meat or meat stock. YayYay’s is a flexitarian whole-foods kitchen.

Friday: Zucchini meatballs (Almondegas de abobrinha) by Caroline of The Green Dish

Saturday: One pasta pot, three quicker than fast-food organic meals by Yours Truly, right here on YayYay’s Kitchen

Monday: Tasty and terrific: Turmeric black bean quinoa vegetable hot pot by Deborah of Healthy Green Natural

Tuesday: How to make fruit jam by Dana Velden of Kitchn

Thursday: Blueberry pie with a twist from King Arthur Flour

As always, I invite you to share a link to what’s simmering on your back burner or to a favorite whole grain/whole food recipe you published or discovered this week. How are you navigating this especially fun time of year, as we move from spring into summer and all the good food it brings?


  1. Sharon L. Grace says

    So how was the pie and the zucchini “meatballs” recipe on Friday? I’d love to try ’em both!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah my dear, re-reading my prose I see that I did indeed imply that I made these recipes. That’s what I get for rushing through a post and not editing carefully. I do hope to try all of them soon, especially those zucchini balls, but haven’t yet. So many recipes, so little time.


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