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The Sourdough Journals now on YayYay’s Kitchen!

Screen shot of The Sourdough Journals

Some of you may recall that a few years back I cultivated my first wild yeast sourdough starter and tracked my experiments on thesourdoughjournals dot com. YayYay’s Kitchen was a flighty dream then, but The Sourdough Journals were, and still are, as real as the messy, fragrant, gooey-in-my-hand wild-yeast starter I grew from almost nothing and made into bread and pastries.

Today, Ta Dah!, I moved the entire site over here to YayYay’s Kitchen, under a brand new tab, appropriately titled, The Sourdough Journals. You can see it up there on top.

The Sourdough Journals tab and sub-tabs on YayYay's Kitchen

The Sourdough Journals tab and sub-tabs on YayYay’s Kitchen


If you’re viewing on a mobile device, you’ll find the tab and its subtabs when you click on the three menu bar lines at the top.

Mobile menu

Mobile menu

All your bookmarks take you to the same pages right here on YYK

Did you have a recipe or info page on the old site bookmarked or pinned? Not to worry. WordPress’s wonderful Happiness Engineers helped me set it up so that any time you click on your old bookmarks, they’ll take you to the same page here on YYK.

I recommend setting up a new bookmark or pin, if you have them, however, because I probably won’t keep paying for the redirects forever! They’ll be up at least a year.

Work to do

The old site didn’t translate perfectly to the new site. I’ve a lot of work to clean up various messes, like finding and adding all the featured images back in, but the posts, pages and even your comments are all here. I’m looking forward to updating the journal as I try out new methods, develop recipes and figure out how to get lighter, airier whole wheat sourdough loaves. There’s got to be a way! My learning curve is steep, but it is a lot of fun.

Please tell me if you have any problems finding something you relied on at The Sourdough Journals. I want to make it easy to find everything here. Happy baking!


  1. You have just reminded me to get a starter going again. It has been years since I have had starter to babysit.

    Regarding all of your technical wizardry… good on ya! Blog magic, I say.

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