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The Friday 5: Real food recipes #18

Friday 5 with YayYay's Kitchen Facebook banner

Friday 5 logoWelcome to this eighteenth Friday 5, a roundup of Recipes of the Day featured on YayYay’s Kitchen Facebook page in the last week.


Going with the flow, or simply accepting

Ever have a totally whacked-out, weird week? This is one of mine. Friday and Saturday, I missed sharing a Recipe of the Day (RoD) because, well, I was having way too much fun with the fam. Then on Tuesday, somehow I forgot to hit the publish button on the Recipe of the Day, a mistake I didn’t find until Wednesday morning. That wouldn’t do. I’ve promised at least five RoDs each week, and I already blew that once. Not going to do it again. So Wednesday you got both Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s RoDs. Ha!

Then, wouldn’t you know, yesterday afternoon, as I’m working on this Friday 5 post, my internet connection dies. Dead. Gone. Nothing happening. After hours of diagnostic fiddling and ratcheting, going through shrieky Musak and disembodied voices telling me, “If you are calling about … hit 1,” menus, I accepted my fate and the advice of the nice lady in, well, wherever she was: The technician would arrive tomorrow (which by now, of course, is today) between 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. to resolve the problem.

Another grandmother helping the youngest grandchild cut butter into flower for whole wheat pumpkin scones

Another grandmother helping the youngest grandchild cut butter into flower for whole wheat pumpkin scones

Luckily, he was here mid-morning. Five hours later, I had internet again. I also had a three-year-old climbing the walls and ready for the park. Now it’s dinner time. Finally, I can share this week’s Recipe of the Day recap with you. So have a laugh with me over the vagaries of our intermittently connected world, won’t you?

Oh, and one more thing. I didn’t make any of the recipes this week. Like I said, it’s been crazy. So no sample photograph. Just the links and this one, above, for fun, of the littlest grandkid with another of her grandmothers making pumpkin scones one day. I still want to try all this week’s recipes, don’t you?

Recipes of the Day from May 20-26, 2016

From the orange and avocado salad, to the General’s cauliflower, to making spinach ravioli with the kids, I’m stoked to try each one of these recipes. But it’s the sponge cake and the old fashioned rhubarb custard pie that have me most wanting to get done here and get out to the kitchen.

Each Friday you’ll find at least five recipes here, maybe six or seven, depending on how the foodie stars aligned. Most are vegetarian, some vegan. Occasionally the Recipe of the Day includes meat or meat stock. YayYay’s is a flexitarian whole-foods kitchen.

Sunday: Avocado orange salad with orange honey vinaigrette from Miryam of Eat Good 4 Life

Monday: General Tso’s cauliflower from Lindsay of Pinch of Yum

Wednesday #1: Spinach-filled ravioli / A miracle! Kids eat spinach! from Ed Bruske of The Slow Cook @ Spy Dog Farm

Wednesday #2: Simple food: The best birthday sponge cake by Jodi Wilson of Practicing Simplicity

Thursday: Old fashioned rhubarb custard pie like Mom used to make from Laurie Neverman of Commonsense Homesteading

Your turn! Share a link to whatever is simmering on your back burner or hot from the oven. Did you discover or publish a favorite whole grain/whole food recipe? Take advantage of this opportunity to show it off in the comments below. Do include a description with your link, to whet our appetites.

May your Memorial Day weekend be filled with fond memories of those you’ve loved and lost, and may you and those you love be safe while traveling the roads and byways.


  1. Internet death! I feel for you; but we have found a wonderful computer shop who talks us through any problems over the phone. Thank goodness. I just hope nothing goes awry when we’re abroad!
    And please what is your recipe for the whole wheat pumpkin scones you and the babe are making? I am sorting out the kitchen cupboards before we leave for 6 months, and there is a can of pumpkin that needs using up.
    Too busy to keep up, but good to be in your kitchen today, anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, that’s nice to have someone you can call when things go bad. As for the pumpkin scones recipe, I’ll share it later this year, as fall approaches. I’m still tweaking it. So hold onto that can!


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