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Can an apple a day keep cancer away?

Apples in fruit bowl

In her article An Apple a Day Keeps Cancer Away (There is one particular part of the apple you HAVE to eat, Yelena Sukhoterina cites four studies that show apples contain cancer-fighting properties. One of those studies, as you can see in this video, shows how extract of apple peel actually kills breast cancer and prostrate cancer cells in petri dishes.

Sukhoterina tells us,

Apple peel contains triterpenoids, cancer-fighting compounds, especially beneficial to preventing breast, colon, and liver cancers. They also contain pectin, which protects against lung cancer and binds to toxins in the body to release them more safely.


It’s just one piece of fruit, I know, but I notice a difference in how I feel on the days I don’t take time to get my daily apple fix. What about you? Do you need apples to feel well? What do you think of this scientific evidence of their usefulness to our bodies?

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