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The Friday 5: Real food recipes #16

Friday 5 with YayYay's Kitchen Facebook banner

Welcome to this sixteenth Friday 5, a roundup of Recipes of the Day featured on YayYay’s Kitchen Facebook page in the last week.

Mother’s Day foibles and celebrations trump online fun

This week, I managed to share only four recipes from some of the fabulous cooks around the web. Most weekends I spend hunting and, when I can, trying out recipes for the coming week’s recipes of the day. This year, since our families couldn’t all get together on the same day, we celebrated Mother’s Day all weekend. That meant baking two pies and traveling. Yes, I baked for our daughters. With four (almost five) children between them, it’s time I celebrate their motherhood as much as they celebrate mine, don’t you think?

Apple pie in whole wheat crust

Apple pie in whole wheat crust

So I baked the apple pie. Well, one apple pie and one berry pie. They were amazingly good, which I can’t say every time I bake, but we all wanted seconds. To heck with our waistlines! Sadly, I failed to stop and take a single photograph. This one is from another time.

Now to decide which of these four brand new recipes I will try this weekend. Help me pick, won’t you?

Recipes of the Day from May 6-May 12, 2016

Most Fridays you’ll find at least five recipes here, maybe six or seven, depending on how the foodie stars aligned. Most are vegetarian, some vegan. Occasionally the Recipe of the Day includes meat or meat stock. YayYay’s is a flexitarian whole-foods kitchen.

See a favorite here? Which of these recipes did you try this week, or might you try soon? Every one is on my “try right now” list.

Saturday: Easy pineapple ice cream by Gin of Eat Healthy Eat Happy

Tuesday: Stir-fried sesame tofu and broccoli via Emily Chudy of Emily Cooks Vegan

Wednesday: Banana pecan muffins via PrerrnaMirchi Mauritius of Inspired to Bake

Thursday: Maple baked beans via Angela of Oh She Glows

How about you? How did you honor the mothers in your life this year? As always, I invite you to share what’s simmering on your back burner and to post a link in the comments to a favorite whole grain/whole food recipe you published or discovered this week. Or just share your thoughts about these recipes.


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