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Quick tip for making fast meals at home

Chopped bell peppers and onions, ready for quick meals

QuickTips4csFor a hot breakfast on the go, a quick lunch, or a supper that needs to come together in less than thirty minutes,  doing this one thing can help it happen: When you’re chopping onions, peppers and other often-used vegetables, chop an extra half cup or so and refrigerate in an airtight container. Later in the week, or even that same day, use your ready-chopped veggies in omelets and scrambled eggs (vegan or otherwise), wraps, on salads, or toss in a quick soup.

Quesadillas? Spice them up with some chopped bell peppers and red onion. Veggie wrap? Smear a little homemade hummus on the wrap of choice, add some greens, cooked beans or lentils and whatever chopped veggies are handy. Voilà! Five minute breakfast, lunch, even supper, on the go.

Chopped red onion, headed for the fridge and a couple of lunches later in the week

Chopped red onion, headed for the fridge and a couple of lunches later in the week

Salad? Toss greens, shaved carrots, a handful of cherry tomatoes and a handful each of pre-chopped red onion and colorful peppers, and all you need is the dressing.

Who says we can’t have delicious, fresh fast food at home?

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  2. You are so right about this. Having chopped veggies ready ahead of time is such a great time-saver! Thank you for sharing ready-chopped veggies as a helpful quick tip for making fast meals at home with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party. I’m pinning and sharing.

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  3. Planning is everything when you are trying to ear homemade meals. I usually spend sunday mornings preparing all my basics for the week. Although it might seem like a boring thing to do, when you get to eat healthy, balanced meals all week, you know is worth the time!

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