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The Friday 5: Real food recipes #13

Friday 5 with YayYay's Kitchen Facebook banner

Welcome to this thirteenth Friday 5, a roundup of Recipes of the Day featured on YayYay’s Kitchen Facebook page in the last week.

Ramson cream, feijoa loaf and down-home tacos  – Recipes of the Day from April 15-21, 2016

This week’s fare includes two new-to-me ingredients from international waters. The first recipe, from a German cook in Denmark, uses ramsons (wild garlic). The fourth recipe, from the southern hemisphere, calls for feijoa, a popular fruit there. I hope to find the wild garlic at my local green grocer, but I doubt I’ll find feijoas, so I’ll try figs in that quick bread.

As for the salad, it’s a springtime favorite in our house. I’m especially looking forward to trying the vegan lentil-walnut-meat filling on taco night, and that berry cashew smoothie bowl? That’s a new one on me, too. Which recipe do you want to try first?

Can't you just feel the crunch of the kale in your mouth, the ruffles tickling your tongue, the sweetness of the mangoes and cranberries?

Mango kale salad

Each Friday you’ll find at least five recipes here, maybe six or seven, depending on how the foodie stars aligned. Most are vegetarian, some vegan. Occasionally the Recipe of the Day includes meat or meat stock. YayYay’s is a flexitarian whole-foods kitchen.

Friday: Wholegrain Flatbread with Ramson Cream and Roasted Carrots from foodyfrauke on Frauke’s Foodelicious Fritid

Saturday: Berry cashew smoothie bowl via Claire on I Wasn’t Expecting That

Sunday: Vegan tacos with lentil walnut meat via Sina on Vegan Heaven

Monday: Feijoa Loaf (A fruity quick bread from New Zealand) by The Fare Sage

Wednesday: Mango kale salad–A super quick lunch or supper from yours truly right here on YayYay’s Kitchen

Your turn! What’s simmering on your back burner? Post a link in the comments to a favorite whole grain/whole food recipe you discovered or published this week. Spam will, of course, be smashed and burned.


  1. Sharon L. Grace says

    The mango salad is a top-of-the-list keeper! The tacos, excellent too! I’m looking forward to trying the others 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my recipe! What an honour to be selected 🙂

    Good luck with finding wild garlic somewhere close to you, it really is one of my favorite spring ingredients!

    Liked by 1 person

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