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How to cut and peel a mango

Peeling a slice of mango is messy business

QuickTips4csFor years, I left the mangoes to my sweetheart because I just could not get the hang of cutting them. One day, I ran across this video by Arun Khagram. So easy!

One reason this video is so good, apart from how quickly “Dad” shows us his technique, is the way the family responds when Dad discovers his knife isn’t sharp enough to penetrate the mango’s skin. A woman scrambles to get him another. They all have a good laugh and carry on as if nothing happened.

That’s the way we should take little imperfections in our work, don’t you think? A hiccup, a stumble, a bemused chuckle and move on. That’s human.

After watching this the first time, I immediately proceeded to slice down the skinny side of the fruit instead of the fat side. That meant I had to cut a few more pieces and wrestle with the slippery fruit a bit more. I only did that once! This short slide show shows you that making a mistake like that isn’t a huge deal.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Curious about that glass-peeling method in the slide show? Here’s the video, by Lifehacker, where I learned how to do that. It works pretty well on big mangoes, but on the little champagne or Ataulfo (honey) mangoes, with the more tender skins, peeling with a knife works better.

That’s it, Kids! Now you know how to get the most of that sweet juicy mango fruit and leave only the pit and skin behind.

These methods are so fast, that you can make yourself a better-than-fast-food dinner salad in ten minutes, including cutting the mango. Check it out here: Mango kale salad, a super quick lunch or supper.

Are you a mango fan? How do you peel and pit yours? What’s your favorite all-time way to eat them?

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    • Thank you Deborah. Not half an hour ago I peeled one to go with my lunch. Five years ago, I’d have let a mango rot rather than try to peel it. Now I get to enjoy them every day they’re in season.


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  3. I saw an instruction that once you have cut the two sides off and the excess around the stone, you then cross-hatch each piece and push the skin inwards (upwards) so the cross-hatched pieces stand up and you then just run a knife underneath to separate flesh from skin. I usually do this….but the glass method is pretty cool !

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