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Who would you invite to dinner?

Family dining table on a sunny day

In the video below, an interviewer asks couples who they would most like to have dinner with. Then they ask the couples’ children the same question. The children’s answers astonished me. But they shouldn’t have. Take a look. It’s less than two minutes of your time, and worth a whole lot more.

Let’ talk!

Okay. Talk to me. How did this video affect you? What changes might you make around dinner time? Or would you?


  1. We tried to have dinner together as often as possible. It’s not as idyllic as the video, and I hope my 13-year-old still feels this way. But I feel that way. And it’s a value we try to instill. Love the video! It gives me hope 🙂

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  3. I was astonished at the end to see that it was a corporate ad–bravo for Masterfoods. Loved it and it certainly puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? Plus, I want to come to walk right into that photo and sit down–your patio? Sharon’s comment about it being all-white isn’t quite right. There’s an Indian mom and her biracial children. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Karen. I was surprised at the corporate ad myself, but the message is so important, and so powerful, that I felt it well worth that brief plug at the end. Of course, their brands are not available in the U.S., which makes it a little sweeter for us.

      I, too, was struck by the mostly white families in the video, but like you, saw a little color in the mix.

      Keen observations, and I thank you for pointing them out.


    • Oops, did not intend to neglect your question. Sadly, no. We live in a city apartment with not so much as a balcony. This is the home of a close family member. We are fortunate, though, to enjoy many meals together on this deck.


      • This is funny. I totally pictured you living in the country in some farm house (I may have read the apartment bit, but I have a short attention span, and only absorb what I like. If it’s not funny or shiny, I’m looking the other way). I pictured you with a garden full of veggies, some free range hens laying eggs, maybe a bee hive or two… how do I come up with these ideas?!?

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        • Well, Leah, that’s my dream. I do write about my parents’ and grandparents’ gardens a good deal, and one of my children owns the property in the photograph at the top of this page. You can just see their chicken coop in the top right corner, and my son-in-law keeps a hive. Vicarious pleasures on my part!

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  4. yes I relate to the children’s answers as we have always made a rule to eat at the table for every meal except in the winter where after playing in the snow we would cook toast & hot chocolate in the fire place. Then supper would be burgers or steaks in the fire place. oh what memories hope the kids remember these things as well.

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    • Linda, I’m sure they do. What wonderful memories, especially of coming in from the cold and eating around the fireplace. Thank you for reading and lending your voice. Much appreciated.


  5. Sharon L. Grace says

    Love the video, (even though it’s all white). My first thought was President and Mrs. Obama. I’m so surprised all but one of the parents chose popular celebrities. I’m not surprised at the kids’ responses, but I am totally touched by them. When I interview children at work, I usually ask either, “If you could change anything at home, what would you change”, or “If you had three wishes, what would you wish for.” These questions often get quick responses from the heart, from the child’s current, most impactful experiences. This question, “Who would you invite to dinner”, is a new question I’ll add to my toolbox! Thank you for this 🙂

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