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Friday 5: Real Food Recipes #3

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Welcome to the Friday 5, a roundup of Recipes of the Day featured on YayYay’s Kitchen Facebook Fan page in the last seven days.

Each week you’ll find at least five recipes here, or more, depending on how the foodie stars aligned that week. Most are vegetarian, some vegan. Occasionally, the Recipe of the Day (ROD) includes meat or meat stock. YayYay’s is a flexitarian whole-foods kitchen.

Healthy good stuff and a Valentine – Recipes of the Day from February 6-11, 2016

After SuperBowl feasting and gorging last weekend, we slimmed down a little this week, with healthier vegan and vegetarian options to rival the standard fare. Time to kick our health kicks back into gear! Omnivores got a taste of a meaty taco salad (easy to make vegetarian with beans) with a banana chip twist. And for all you lovers, here, at the end of the week, a recipe to whet your Valentine’s heart, er, appetite.

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Saturday: Vegan nacho cheese via Kate at Some Blonde Vegan

Sunday: Squash, Brussels sprouts and beluga lentils via Inês of My Tiny Green Kitchen

Monday: [After] Super bowl slim down – chili verde via Miranda Hammer of Crunchy Radish

Tuesday: No ROD. Had way too much fun with a grand-girl that day. Yippee!

Wednesday: Big ‘ol chopped taco salad via Stephanie Dias of Cave Girl Culture

Thursday: Hot chocolate with whipped cream melting hearts via Jennifer Farley on Savory Simple

Friday: No ROD until next week, when a new weekly schedule begins, with Friday being the first day of the Friday 5 week. Always tweaking a little here and there!


Your turn! Share your favorite whole-food, real-food, whole grain recipe find of the week. Did you publish one of your own? Post a link in the comments. Spam will, of course, be smashed and burned.


  1. Sharon L. Grace says

    These each sound so yummy, except I’m not a fan of jalapen peppers 🙂 The taco salad looks so easy, and the lentils and squash, yum.

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