Coming soon: Take a virtual tour of Eatwell Farm

East vault of the Eatwell Farmhouse

Not your grandmother’s farmhouse! As you can see, with its thick mud walls and living roof, this is like no farmhouse you’ve ever seen. We quickly discovered, though that this cross-shaped, home, with its vaulted ceilings, is the beating heart of the property.

East vault of the Eatwell Farmhouse

East vault of the Eatwell Farmhouse – Image courtesy Sharon L. Grace, used with permission, all rights reserved

Last spring we traveled seventy-five miles east of our home in San Francisco, to Dixon, California, where we found Eatwell Farm, an unconventional, organic enterprise that produces dozens of small crops every year.

The farm’s bounty feeds Sacramento and Bay Area folks like us, who want to know where our food is grown, how it is grown and the philosophy of the folks who grow it.

Right now, I’m putting the finishing touches on a virtual tour of the farm that includes photographs of some of the crops they grow there and the animals–domestic and wild–that share the property.

If you haven’t already, subscribe now so you don’t miss the tour. See you soon!

UPDATE 9/14/2015: The virtual tour is now live. See it here: Touring Eatwell Farm: Food for the Body and Soul.

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Goodness knows I fail to live up to my ideals far too often, but I strive each day to feed the body well, nourish the soul, heal the Earth, build community, make peace and, where possible, wreak a little joy.


  1. galanda23 says

    I visited the area around San Francisco so many times and still never heard of the Eatwell Farm before. I’d love to go buy some fresh organic produce there, if they sell any.

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    • They do local CSA delivery, Galanda, but it sounds like you may be further away. Perhaps there is an organic CSA in your neck of the woods?


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