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Coming up: New YayYay’s Kitchen Baking with Whole Wheat 101 tutorial

Cutting whole wheat biscuits

Want to incorporate more whole grains into your diet? Learn how to make moist, tender whole wheat scones and biscuits, step by step, in pictures.

Cutting whole wheat biscuits

Cutting whole wheat biscuits

Coming soon! It’s here!  Go see it at : How to make moist, tender whole wheat biscuits and scones

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Goodness knows I fail to live up to my ideals far too often, but I strive each day to feed the body well, nourish the soul, heal the Earth, build community, make peace and, where possible, wreak a little joy.


  1. I can’t wait for this tutorial. Right now, we are doing a very low carb lifestyle, and losing weight doing it. When we reach maintenance level, I want to introduce more whole wheat and whole grains into our diets. Before we started the low-carb thing, we used only whole grain bread, and I really miss it. I’m soooo looking forward to your 101 thing.

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