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California: Take action right now to support nutrition benefits for hungry kids

Pick up the phone and call your assembly rep

Support the Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Budget Proposal!

Yesterday, the California Senate added a $2.5 million proposal to its budget, every cent of which will be matched by a federal grant, if we can bring the State Assembly on board.

What if every California family could afford wholesome, healthy food?

What if every California family could afford wholesome, healthy food?

This tiny amount, in the big scheme of things, will help low-income folks eat healthier food from small and mid-sized farms near them.

The Senate and Assembly are beginning to negotiate their respective budgets. Make sure the Assembly cuts this one IN.

Please take two minutes to call your rep right now and ask for his or her support.

Here’s why.

It matters to you and me as well as to our state’s poor

Consider the costs if we don’t help to provide food security to low-income folks.

Healthy diets mean healthy bodies that better fight off illness, reducing sick day losses in every industry. Investing this relatively small amount of money, with its matching funds, will save many more millions in these four ways.

  • More operating money to our schools because fewer school sick days
  • More job productivity because fewer missed days of work, and fewer people coming to work sick
  • More worker dollars going right back into our economy because fewer lost wages
  • Lower health care costs to the state, which often has to pick up the tab for low-income workers

This is a strong investment, saving the state money in both the short- and long-term.

You can make a difference right now

Pick up the phone and call your assembly rep

Pick up the phone and call your assembly rep

With just two minutes of your time, you can make a difference.

Everything you need to speak or send an email to your assembly member, including phone numbers and/or email addresses, along with a sample script. is in this link right here:

Support the Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Budget Proposal.

Please help to keep this item in the budget as the Senate and Assembly head into negotiations.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes, won’t you?

I’m calling my rep as soon as I post this.

UPDATE: When I got back to the page, I checked out the email link, and in less than 30 seconds, I sent an e-mail to every key player, including my own rep about this. So easy!

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Goodness knows I fail to live up to my ideals far too often, especially in this time of terrifying leadership, but I strive each day to feed the body well, nourish the soul, heal the Earth, build community, make peace and, where possible, wreak joy.


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  2. melrootsnwrites says

    This seems like a win win. I’ve always believe that government dollars should be spent where they can make the most impact. This looks like it will benefit small farms and the individuals who will get to eat healthier foods.

    Many of our poor are children. It’s so important that children get healthy meals. They would benefit greatly from this. Not only is it good for children but for those who teach them. It is much easier to teach students who aren’t starving when they come to school.

    Thanks for informing us of this issue, Kathryn!

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    • You’re welcome, Mel, and yes, it does seem to be a win all the way around. So much at stake, so much easily remedied, just by feeding our children well. Thank you for sharing your insight about hunger and learning.


  3. Sharon L. Grace says

    Whether I understand (even after reading) how it all works, it’s clear that it will make access to healthy food possible for our poorer neighbors. I signed the petition! Thanks YayYay!

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    • I know. Reading the convoluted language in almost any legislative bill is daunting. Roots of Change, to which my link in this post goes, works very hard for food security around the globe. I trust them, and I trust their assessment of the reasons we need to support this bill, in part, because they link to the actual bill, so we can read it for ourselves, and in part because they include other links with information to help us decide.

      What I find so valuable about your comment is that you show you’re not just going to support something because someone says so. You want to know more and to make a thoughtful decision. This is how we change the world. By getting involved in thoughtful, action-step ways.

      Thank you.


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