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For you, my darlings, you know who you are

Four generations of cups and saucers

You’re too young to understand yet, but one day you will, better than almost any of us living now would like you to have to: Food is at the center..

Four generations of cups and saucers

R-L: Great-great Grandma Grace’s cup and saucer, Poppy’s baby hand, Great Granny Annie’s fruit mug; Front: Great-great Grandma Emmy’s demitasse cup and saucer

Soil, water, air, health, education, relationships, people, economies, climate, planet–what we eat, where we get it, how we prepare it affects every thing and every one.

We human beings cannot live without food.

I suspect we can’t live without the joy of certain sensual pleasures, too. Pleasures like rolling a fresh-picked cherry tomato around on our tongue, biting into it and feeling the wet juices spurt through our mouths. Tasting the slightly acid, slightly sweet, almost salty flavors that only tomatoes grown in dark, living soil and picked at their peak of ripeness can give us.

So when I thought about the legacy I wanted to leave you all, I knew I had to start with food.

In these pages, should they survive whatever life changes may come, you will find recipes you love, many more you might one day try,  and perhaps grow to love–or maybe not.

You will also find musings and links to research about the ways food heals, nourishes and protects us, as well as the ways food, when we let large corporations governed only by greed take control of our food and water supply, can harm us.

Not that I want to leave you with heavy burdens, but that I want you to know that hundreds of thousands of people around the world, in small ways and large, worked while you were growing to up to change all that bad stuff. By God, I hope by the time you read this, we will have succeeded.

In these pages, you may discover some of the things I worked at to protect your future, in the hope of preserving breathable air, drinkable water, living soils, and a good deal of Nature’s beauty and bounty.

You might also run across memories–of you, your parents, of your Nana and me–cooking and baking and tasting treats in the kitchen, along with memories of my childhood and people I loved and knew, who taught me useful skills that came in handy along the way, in the kitchen and in the world.

Anyone else who runs across these pages, well, you’re welcome to read them and let the grandkids and me and the rest of the world know what you think and whether you find something useful.

Kindness rules here.

Come on in. Feel like baking with me today? Or just want to sit and chat while I cut up the vegetables for the soup?

Have a seat. I’ll pour some milk and put the kettle on.


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