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Sourdough baking tools and common kitchen substitutes

If you’re like me when I first started to make sourdough bread, you may not have all the tools that make sourdough baking easier.

Tool list

This is a list of the more unusual items you will need and the common kitchen tools you can substitute for them until you decide whether to make the investment.

Digital scale
None that I know of
Metal, plastic or wooden spatula
Indoor thermometer
Guess the temp?
Bowl lined with tightly woven, flour-dusted linen or organic cotton dish towel
Large bowl to invert over proofing basket or bowl
Foil or plastic wrap, loosely set atop
Bake the bread in a lidded cast iron or high-heat, covered ceramic pot and omit the steam steps
Wooden or bamboo cutting board
1-2 quart cast iron pan
Shallow metal broiler pan or jelly roll pan
Sharp, clean razor blade (Careful!)

A note about the kitchen scale

Weighing levain on the digital kitchen scale

Weighing levain on the digital kitchen scale

Baking with whole grains is never an exact science. Because the flours are not highly processed, they can vary from package to package. Rather than measuring by volume in a marked cup, we have to weigh the ingredients to be sure we get the correct ratio of moisture to flour.

My kitchen scale is a relatively inexpensive model, but it meets my basic needs. With a touch, I can switch from ounces to grams. I also need only one bowl to measure and mix, because each time I add an ingredient, I can zero out the quantity (or tare).

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