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Cultivating the starter: Day 13, plus what to do with all that excess starter?

At first I’m disappointed this morning. I can see some tiny bubbles beneath the surface, but the starter is flat on top. I’d like a lot more bubbles, bigger ones, but the little ones show it’s alive. Whew! I didn’t kill it.

Day 13: Bubbles beneath the surface

Day 13: Riddled with teensy bubbles beneath the surface, the starter is disappointingly flat on top with no tell-tale signs of rising and falling overnight

A quick stir reveals much more activity below the surface. The starter is light and fluffy, with gassy bubbles ranging from a quarter-inch in diameter to pinhead sizes. The big bubbles popped before I could focus my camera, but they were there, and lots more in the jar.

Day 13: Frothy starter fills my measuring spoon

Day 13: Frothy starter fills my measuring spoon

See all those large grains? I did not grind my wheat fine enough yesterday. This morning, I will make sure I grind longer, to get a more flour-like consistency.

Day 13: Starter is flat on top, bubbling below

Day 13: Replenished starter, ready to grow, I hope

There, that’s better. All ready for another twelve hours rising. But wow, both discard-starter jars threaten to overflow. Baking time!

The six-year-old is off to summer camp, but the two-year-old has taken an interest in helping me in the kitchen. We’re going to make a new whole wheat sourdough coffee cake recipe today, which will use a full cup of the extra starter. This time, I’m making up the recipe on the fly.

Taking a page from the pancake recipe yesterday I’m using maple syrup in my coffee cake, for flavor and in place of about a third of the granulated sugar I would normally use.

We did it! Here is our cake, hot from the oven.

Apple sourdough coffee cake

Apple sourdough coffee cake hot from the oven

Topped it off with an apple-walnut-brown sugar streusel adaptation. Interestingly, the batter raised up through the topping here and there. Veins of nutty caramel goodness drift through the body of the cake. It is so moist and tender!

I will bake this again tomorrow, to assure I have the ingredients right, then post the recipe. I’ll come back here when it’s live and add the link.


Update: Here’s the link to the recipe: Whole wheat apple cinnamon coffee cake. It’s printable!


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