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Cultivating the starter: Day 11

It’s nearly 10 p.m. as I write this. I’ve had a full Saturday with friends and family, celebrating a dear one’s birthday, and only just now fed the starter for the first time today.

I didn’t forget. I just didn’t stop running until now. Usually I show you a photograph of the bubbles before stirring down. I completely forgot to take one. The bubbles were there, a little dry around the edges, many collapsing in, as if the yeast stopped percolating hours ago.

All the jars–this one, my backup batch and the “discards” jar–smell of beer, strong, intense and immediate.

Tonight, as always, I first aerate the mixture with a fork, then ladle out exactly two tablespoons into a clean jar. Adding two tablespoons each organic whole wheat flour and filtered water, I finish with one-eighth teaspoon Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Have you tried it in your salad dressings? It is so good. (In case you’re wondering, I don’t know anyone at Bragg’s and I receive nothing for sharing my love of their product with you. I just like the stuff. A lot.)

Day 11: Replenished starter with line on jar

Day 11: Drawing a line

Before putting the starter to bed for the night, I drew a black line to show the level now. Tomorrow morning, we will see how much the starter has risen overnight.

About those pancakes I mentioned yesterday. I had no time for a full-on weekend breakfast this morning, so postponed the pancakes until tomorrow, when I will also bake up a couple batches of biscuits, some for quick breakfasts during the week, and some to give away, because I have GOT to use more of the excess starter. I now have a second jar going.

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