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Cultivating the starter: Day 9, Plus my first sourdough recipe!

Twice-daily feedings, along with a once-daily addition of one-fourth teaspoon vinegar, is working. I have lots of bubbles. Today, I reduced the usual one-fourth cup each starter, flour and filtered water to just two tablespoons each.

Day 9: Lots of bubbles in the starter

Day 9: Just look at all those bubbles!

If I were doing feedings every eight hours, I’d follow SourdoLady’s advice (see yesterday’s post) and cut to one tablespoon each, but since that is unlikely to happen, I’ll keep it to two because I discovered this morning it’s a lot easier on my somewhat arthritic hands to do slightly larger quantities.

Now for that recipe. As you may know, if you’ve followed along since Day 1, I’ve experimented with ways to use up the fast-accumulating discards. Boy, do I have a fabulous whole wheat sourdough biscuit recipe to share with you!

Our first homemade sourdough biscuits. Yum!

Our first homemade sourdough biscuits. Yum!

If you have a starter going and a cup of whole wheat flour, you can put these piping hot biscuits on your table in 30 minutes.

So tell me, what’s cooking–or incubating or baking–in your kitchen today?


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