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Cultivating the starter: Day 8

Adding a quarter teaspoon vinegar worked! Yesterday afternoon, when I peeked at the starter, it was bubbling again. By bedtime, though, it was flat and full of hooch. Combing through the comments on the Wild Yeast Sourdough Starter page, I found that on January 10, 2007, SourdoLady recommended the following to a reader named Boltzst.

Leaving it out at room temperature for 2 weeks is just to get it established and growing well. During that time you must feed it at least once daily, but every 8 hours is better. Before feeding, dump out all but a very small amount. I would recommend saving only a tablespoon and then feeding it with 2 oz. each of flour and water.

This differs from her recommendations at the beginning of the page, but heck, I’ll give it a shot. I fed the starter at midnight. What can I say? I was up. I forgot to cut to just one tablespoon and fed the usual quarter cup. This morning, I had bubbles again. Lots of bubbles.

Day 8: Bubbles in the starter!

Day 8: Bubbles in the starter!

Woo hoo! The starter is alive. According to SourdoLady, two weeks from today, I will have enough yeastie beasties to bake bread. That will be Day 22, June 25. The question now is, can I remember to feed every eight hours?

But what to do with all that discarded starter? I’ve got two cups this morning and feel a baking spree coming on. Check back soon. I’ll share my baking adventures.

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