The Sourdough Journals
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If there is a legacy I’d like to leave my grandchildren, apart from a verdant, human-viable Earth, it is the feeling of nourished bodies, minds and hearts. Food is that intersection that brings it all together. When we cook and eat good food together, we hit all the touchstones.

So this grandmother bakes and cooks and chops. My grandkids seem to look forward to our kitchen adventures, often asking when they arrive, “What are we cooking today YayYay?” That’s what they call me, a holdover from the second oldest and the way her mind worked when she was learning to speak.

In this journal, I track our adventures with wild yeast sourdough starter and the goodies we hope to make from it.

If you’re interested in making your own wild yeast whole wheat sourdough starter, begin with Cultivating the Starter: Day 1, or check the latest updates in my quest for the holy grail of sourdough baking: The perfect 100 percent whole wheat wild yeast sourdough loaf.

Whatever your reason for visiting this site, welcome! Come on in. Pull up a stool. Have a sourdough biscuit. My kitchen is always warm. What are you baking today?

I'd love to hear from you!

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